Premarital Classes

Premarital Classes

3 session package

Engaged? Prepping for married life after the wedding, or already living together? This 3-session package gives you the tips, tools, and techniques to improve your connection and communication, discover each others deep values, dreams, and goals. Learn the strategies that hold couples happily together long-term.

Add a 15-page detailed relationship assessment that shows you 10+ areas of interests and challenges, identifying your hot buttons, hot topics, beliefs about marriage, financial styles, how your partner handles and resolves conflict, personality dynamics, attitude, and so much more! $75. The color, printed report is yours to keep. Assessment plus single-session consultation $199. 

Happiness is a Choice!

Are you hurt, angry bitter, resentful, or unhappy in your relationship?

Do you want to improve communication, trust, and intimacy?   

When your communication is not working, there are strategies to help you to be heard, get your point across, and resolve conflict in any relationship. Texts & emails will be answered within 24 hrs.

Online Bookings Subject to Approval. Some time slots may not be available. To book directly text 480-535-4476