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Pamela White, MAed/Cn

Invest in Healthy Relationships

Want a better relationship but don't know where to start? Healthy relationships require a certain amount of investment. I'm Coach Pamela, and I specialize in relationships and communication. Let me teach you how to invest in your relationship and get the return you're looking for without the struggle.

I have a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling and PhD work in Clinical Psychology. I am a certified SYMB... Read more

Conflict Resolution-What NOT to Say

Invest in Your Personal & Professional Development

Conflict? Need better communication? Research shows that the most successful relationships are those who understand how to resolve conflict through healthy communication. Resolving conflict requires listening, understanding, and responding effectively. But not everyone communicates in the same way! Let me share strategies with you to overcome that miscommunication and conquer those misunde... Read more

Personal Development & Life Coaching: One-on-One Sessions

Time to Invest in YOU

Anxiety and stress relief solutions right here. I help clients make positive and lasting changes in their mental and emotional health by giving them evidence-based tools, techniques, and strategies that work. We communicate in different ways—sometimes toxic and dysfunctional—and the need to understand and be understood is important to healing.

  • Learn self-soothing and coping strategies
  • How to quiet your mind
  • How to get ot... Read more
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All services
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Same-Day Appointments TEXT 480-535-4476. Single Sessions Available


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What My Clients Say

EH Thumbtack Review

Pamela seems to have a wealth of experience in dealing with clients which allowed her to understand my marital situation and my unhappiness. She listened to my concerns and was able to walk me through to a conclusion about my needs in the relationship and what I need to do for myself in order to be successful as an individual.

Aug 5, 2022
CR Private Client

Coach Pamela has helped me gain practical communication tips and strategies that have improved my relationships at home as well as in the workplace. I would highly recommend Coach Pamela.

Aug 5, 2022
RS Thumbtack Review

Coach Pamela is amazing!!! I loved that she is very flexable with her times for appts. She has really made me look at things differently in a possitive way. I could really say tht i recommend her to anyone who wants to better there relationship with their partner or even their parenting skills. She gives great advice." 

Aug 5, 2022

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Happiness is a Choice!

Are you hurt, angry bitter, resentful, or unhappy in your relationship?

Do you want to improve communication, trust, and intimacy?   

When your communication is not working, there are strategies to help you to be heard, get your point across, and resolve conflict in any relationship. Texts & emails will be answered within 24 hrs.

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