Coaching by Phone/Virtual

Coaching by Phone/Virtual


Find it difficult to schedule therapy visits because you simply don't have the time? Connect with us by phone or video. When you need someone to talk to, declutter/de-stress your mind, get an honest, objective opinion, and expert tips & strategies, Coach Pamela is here for you and available every day from 8 am to 8 pm (AZ time). 

$2/min. First 5 minutes free consultation. 

Be prepared to give your credit card information at the start. Minutes & charges will be discussed and agreed upon at the end of the conversation. (20 minute minimum $40)

$399/month UNLIMITED access by phone & text. 60 minutes maximum per call. Pre-pay. No contracts. No Refunds.

Happiness is a Choice!

Are you hurt, angry bitter, resentful, or unhappy in your relationship?

Do you want to improve communication, trust, and intimacy?   

When your communication is not working, there are strategies to help you to be heard, get your point across, and resolve conflict in any relationship. Texts & emails will be answered within 24 hrs.

To book directly text 480-535-4476